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    How to Create Great Social Content [INFOGRAPHIC]


    Great Social Content

    Content marketing has become all the rage in the past few years with a brands now racing to bombard their audiences with an increasing amount of content.  As the idea of valuable content and social media converge, it has brought forward a new term, 'social content.'  This term is one that Tent Social has been built around and what we strive to create on a daily basis with our clients. Social content is content that is not one-sided, like traditional advertising of the old days, rather it is content that has a conversation componenet to it, can be discussed and shared.  

    The folks at EDGE MEDIA in Singapore put together a great infographic walking through some key traits of good social content.  Here are my key takeaways: 

    1. Your social content should be informative (or valuable)

    With each piece of social content that you create for you brand/business, ask whether this is something that your audience would find useful and valuable?  Of course, the degree of value between posts will vary, but I suggest being niche about this.  The best way to do this is to start with all the questions that your current customers ask you on a regular basis (I'm sure you can list dozens).  Write down this list and create at least one piece of social content for each question. After you've done that, go back to the most popular questions and dig deeper. Starting with what your customers already ask you enables you to provide genuine value, instead of shooting in the dark.

    2. Your social content should tell your brand story 

    Before diving into social content creation, think about the essence of your brand and what it stands for.  What is in scope and out of scope? What would be off brand character?  Setting these guidelines can be liberating from a social content creation point of view, as it allows you to focus your research and creation on specific areas instead of getting lost in a sea of content.

    3. Visually Attractive (Don't cheap out on design!)

    Every piece of social content that is put out in the world is a representation of your brand. Don't skimp on copywriting and design, unless that is an image that you want to portray to your audience. This doesn't mean everything needs to be perfect all the time as this can cause the problem of never posting.  Create content often and put it out there and test, but always have the goal of improving and finding a rythym, style and personality that fits with your brand. There are a lot of companies NOT doing this and they are blending together into a sea of sameness.  Good design and writing provide an opportunity for you to stand out and be different (by the way, this is what we do at Tent Social, in case you'd like some help. Contact us).


    How to create great social content infographic



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