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    How to Write Content Google will Love and Rank [Infographic]


    Writing Content For Google resized 600

    Understanding the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can sometimes seem impossible, especially with the constant updates being made by Google and the many, so-called SEO experts out there that preach complicated, technical messages.

    Thankfully, put together 10 simple tips on how to create content that will get ranked and found.  The most important of these tips, in my humble opinion, is to write for humans and optimize for robots.  Search engines are far too advanced to fool using fancy techinical tricks. So please, just stop trying.

    The MOST important thing you can remember is to write engaging and valuable content for your target audience.  That's it. If you don't invest in this first, then every other activity you do will be a waste and not get you anywhere near the the results you are likely looking for. 

    So, start with awesome, focused content that your audience will love and share and then worry about all of the smaller, more tactical SEO tips.  The reality is that there are never-ending tweaks you can do with SEO, but if you don't have a quality piece of stone (great content), that you can chisel, then you are just wasting your time.   

    What do you think?  What are the most important things to remember to get ranked? 

    How to write content google will love




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