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    How Twitter Is Making TV Ads Way More Social

    Twitter TV

    Historically, TV ads have been a very effective way to reach a very large audience in a short period of time, albeit at a wildy expensive price tag.  For many brands this has been very successful, with the right type of ad and insight.  One of the biggest problems in the digital age has been that brands spend a monumental amount of money on these ads, but there is no real opportunity for two-way, live interaction with this content or any ongoing conversation.

    Star Wars Episode VII, 30 Rock and the future of Social Media TV

    Star Wars episode VII

    I can't resist but to write something about Disney's recent announcement to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion. Not because I'm historically an enormous Star Wars geek and would be denying part of my child-self if I didn't express excitement at the idea of new Star Wars feature films.  Rather the real reason for this post is because of a very quick and timely response posted on the 30 Rock Facebook page (see below), and what this means for the future of TV and social media.

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