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    The Hypocrisy of Content Marketing Blogs that use Pop-ups


    I hate websites that use pop-ups. Period. Recently, I have been particularly bothered by blogs that have pop-ups for email subscription.  I have been holding back on writing this article for several months because the organizations that I will mention are amongst those that I respect the most and spend the most time with.  I will also note that I adore the content that these organizations provide and I interact with it on an almost daily basis.  

    How Twitter Is Making TV Ads Way More Social

    Twitter TV

    Historically, TV ads have been a very effective way to reach a very large audience in a short period of time, albeit at a wildy expensive price tag.  For many brands this has been very successful, with the right type of ad and insight.  One of the biggest problems in the digital age has been that brands spend a monumental amount of money on these ads, but there is no real opportunity for two-way, live interaction with this content or any ongoing conversation.

    A Month-by-Month Look at Social Media in 2012 [Infographic]

    Social Media Moments 2012

    Social media is no longer simply a trend or a fad, it is the new norm in communication.  2012 saw many stories explode on social media, some expected, some not.  

    An Inside Look at the Top 5 Hotels on Facebook in 2012

    Marriott Facebook

    The hotel industry has seen rapid growth in the adoption of social media over the past year with it now being ubiquitous across the major chains, along with the majority of boutique properties.

    How Social Media Usage Will Change in 2013

    Time spent on social media resized 600

    Social media has truly become a daily part of most people's lives, with usage patterns changing dramatically over the past few years. The editors of the Socially Aware Blog put together a great infographic outlining how social media is currently being used today (see below).  See my top 4 takeways below along with where things are going to go in 2013.

    5 chic & stylish luxury brand Twitter designs you'll love

    Louis Vitton twitter

    Luxury brands have been amongst the last of the big brands to really dive into social media. The reason often being that brands like Christian D'Or, Chanel, and Hennessy don't want to relinquish control of their brands.  They don't want to provide an opportunity for the public to bad mouth these mega high-end properties.  Luckily, several luxury brands have jumped into social media and, of course, what they are learning is that the brand advocates speak very loudly and will defend the brand against those that try and tarnish it - ultimately creating a tighter bond to the brands themselves.  

    3 things to love about the new LinkedIN profile design

    LinkedIN new profile design

    If you haven't seen it yet, LinkedIN has begun rolling out another update to its profile design (see below).  Here are three quick reasons why I'm a fan. 

    Facebook gets 'Googley' with Halloween status updates

    Facebook Halloween

    It looks like Facebook is trying to find its own equivalent of the Google seasonal cartoons by playing with the usual message in the Facebook status update bar for brand pages.  Normally, the oh so familar status update bar simply says "What's on your mind?", but today Facebook has been cycling through several Halloween related updates including, "Describe your Halloween Costume" and "What's your favourite Halloween candy?" amongst others (see below).

    Star Wars Episode VII, 30 Rock and the future of Social Media TV

    Star Wars episode VII

    I can't resist but to write something about Disney's recent announcement to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion. Not because I'm historically an enormous Star Wars geek and would be denying part of my child-self if I didn't express excitement at the idea of new Star Wars feature films.  Rather the real reason for this post is because of a very quick and timely response posted on the 30 Rock Facebook page (see below), and what this means for the future of TV and social media.

    The Power of Social Media for Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouses and B&Bs


    I recently returned from a 3 week trip to Ireland and for the first time traveled with a local SIM card in my iPhone. It is a little sad to say how at home I immediately felt after I had a data plan that was not a costing me a fortune due to roaming fees. The feeling of being connected is really my new ‘home’, maybe even more so than actually being home. This psychological dynamic is a discussion for a future post, but for now I’d like to dive into the world of travel, tech and social media.

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