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    Don't Be a Used Car Salesman, Don't Abuse Facebook's New Cover Photo Rules

    Facebook Cover Photo Rules resized 600

    Apart from the major announcements about Facebook's new newsfeed and timeline designs, the Facebook marketing team has quietly removed some of the restrictions on how marketers can use a page cover photo, as reported by

    The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Dimensions Blueprint [INFOGRAPHIC]

    design blueprint header

    Updated May 15, 2013

    Like all new technology, social media changes fast. Very fast.  Just trying to keep your head around all of the different platforms, how to approach them and, of course, how to design for them can be a full time job.  It would be nice if all of the platforms used the exact same dimensions and you could just swap photos between them all so that your brand has a nice consistent look across the board.

    An Inside Look at the Top 5 Hotels on Facebook in 2012

    Marriott Facebook

    The hotel industry has seen rapid growth in the adoption of social media over the past year with it now being ubiquitous across the major chains, along with the majority of boutique properties.

    Platform Mix: Social Media Strategy Blueprint (Step 8)

    Social Media Strategy Blueprint

    From a content point of view, we've covered what content will be used (Step 6), how it will be created, curated or commented on (Step 7) and now need to define 'where' it will be used.  Most people take this step as Step 1 of creating a social media plan.  Ever heard anyone say, "Let's get a Facebook page!", without ever considering what the implications are for the business, what type of content will be featured and why it will actually be useful? 

    Facebook gets 'Googley' with Halloween status updates

    Facebook Halloween

    It looks like Facebook is trying to find its own equivalent of the Google seasonal cartoons by playing with the usual message in the Facebook status update bar for brand pages.  Normally, the oh so familar status update bar simply says "What's on your mind?", but today Facebook has been cycling through several Halloween related updates including, "Describe your Halloween Costume" and "What's your favourite Halloween candy?" amongst others (see below).

    How Social Media has changed Hotel Marketing [Infographic]

    hotel social media bell

    As social media continues to tear through just about every industry, one industry has seen a particularly massive jump in adoption in 2012 vs 2011 with Facebook presence rising from 73% to 95%. The hotel and resort industry stands to gain significantly versus other industries from recent trends in social media and mobile, since this industry is built on 1) social interaction (great for social media) and 2) on-the-go lifestyle (perfect for mobile).

    3 Straws that could Break the Facebook Camel’s Back


    Over the past 6 months, Facebook has released a seemingly unending flow of upgrades for its Ad platform. These have ranged from promoted posts, mobile/desktop segmentation, inline ad manager notifications and most recently, a simpler user-interface so that small businesses can better self-serve ad types. During this now post-IPO period, there has been next to no news or updates around privacy and control. While Facebook may be making businesses and brands happy – is it doing anything to prevent what could soon be a massive exodus from the platform?

    Have you heard of the Facebook ‘Power User’? [INFOGRAPHIC]


    Who are you making content for? Is it for ALL of your users? Some of them? Have you thought about it? I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to the value of targeting content at different types of people in your communities, based on the ‘type’ of online user that they are. We all know those people that constantly engage, but we also know that the majority of people are actually ‘lurkers’ in social media. But just because they don’t engage, doesn’t mean they are not important or are not listening. In fact they may be listening much more than you think!

    Posting at the wrong time on social media can be like serving Cheerios for dinner


    Do you have a plan for when you post content on different networks? You should, according to a recent study by link tracking service The study indicated significant variance in the engagement rate on posts across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr at different times of day. This means you could be serving up bacon & eggs, when your fans are expecting spaghetti & meat balls… and vice versa. So here it is -


    Why Kraft is doing social media right with Likeapella


    A few days ago, I discussed that Marketing will always be a balance between Art & Science and that true ‘creativity’ can never be formulaic (See “The DNA of Great Social Content”). It is critical that marketers remember this as they embark on social media campaigns. KRAFT recently did this, really, really right with its ‘Likeapella’ campaign. Last week, they posted a message encouraging fans to ‘Like’ the page, but they had no idea what they were getting (if anything) in return. This is often the approach that brands take – desperate for people to ‘like’ their page, but for what? Normally, providing nothing in return.

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