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    The Hypocrisy of Content Marketing Blogs that use Pop-ups


    I hate websites that use pop-ups. Period. Recently, I have been particularly bothered by blogs that have pop-ups for email subscription.  I have been holding back on writing this article for several months because the organizations that I will mention are amongst those that I respect the most and spend the most time with.  I will also note that I adore the content that these organizations provide and I interact with it on an almost daily basis.  

    How To Write Social Media Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

    How to write the perfect social media posts

    Writing has never been easy, whether it was writing a story with crayons as child, writing essays in school or writing articles as a journalist.  With the proliferation of media, there are now so many different platforms to write (and create social content) on, each with their own unique quirks.  Writing was already hard enough, but now you need to remember what type of writing works better on different platforms.  

    The State of Content Marketing 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Content Marketing Infographic 2013 resized 600

    The term "content is king" has been around for a long time now, but it hasn't been until the last few years that content marketing has gained serious credibility and clout in the marketing world. Exceptional content creation is no longer an option for brands looking to grow, it is a requirement. If brands don't find value that they can bring to their audience outside of the intrinsic benefit that the audience pays for, they will not be able to sustain growth.  

    From Stranger to Lover: How to do Digital Marketing in 2013 [Infographic]

    Digital Marketing Infographic

    With the constant addition of new online platforms, it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with the latest trend in online marketing.  It doesn't help that there seems to be countless ways to describe online marketing, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, realtime marketing and our favourite term at Tent Social, social content marketing.

    The 3 C's of Content: Social Media Blueprint (Step 7)

    Social Media Strategy

    After determining what categories of content you will create (Step 6: Content Mix), you need to define the nature of this content and in which media it will be used. I call this step, the 'media mix.'   To begin, it is helpful to think of your content in terms of the 3 (or 6) C's. They are:

    The Top 10 Traits of Awesome Social Media Content


    The radian6 blog recently featured a post by @zodot entitled 9 traits of popular social media content. With content becoming increasingly crucial to marketing efforts – it really is crucial that you approach it strategically. Here’s a summary of their top 9, plus one more from me.

    When I get that Feeling, Contextual Healing...with HubSpot 3

    Contextual Healing Hubspot 3 Marvin Gaye

    While Marvin Gaye may not get quite as excited about 'Contextual Healing' as 'Sexual Healing,' marketers should be pumped about HubSpot's recent release of HubSpot 3 -  a huge upgrade that takes full advantage of the next biggest thing in online marketing... 'Context'.  

    Create Content That Flourishes Like A Cherry Blossom


    There has recently been an explosion of technical software companies that help organizations manage the many social platforms that they’ve chosen to play in. What is lacking though, is a focus on the planning process itself and aligning the activity with true business objectives, ultimately allowing campaigns to flourish to their true potential (Cherry blossom)… instead of wither away (like a weed).

    Is Your Content Consistent with Your Brand Colours?


    How much do you think about your brand colours? Are you consistent with use of them across all media? Is your content consistent with your brand colours? Often curating too much content can throw off the overall imagery of your brand. Be sure to be consistent in the manner in which you communicate your brand at ALL touchpoints. This can be very difficult when creating and curating a lot of content – but is critical in creating a consistent brand image. Consider if there is one element you can include in all of your content, whether it be a colour or icon that will always link readers back to your brand.

    Have you heard of the Facebook ‘Power User’? [INFOGRAPHIC]


    Who are you making content for? Is it for ALL of your users? Some of them? Have you thought about it? I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to the value of targeting content at different types of people in your communities, based on the ‘type’ of online user that they are. We all know those people that constantly engage, but we also know that the majority of people are actually ‘lurkers’ in social media. But just because they don’t engage, doesn’t mean they are not important or are not listening. In fact they may be listening much more than you think!

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