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    From Stranger to Lover: How to do Digital Marketing in 2013 [Infographic]

    Digital Marketing Infographic

    With the constant addition of new online platforms, it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with the latest trend in online marketing.  It doesn't help that there seems to be countless ways to describe online marketing, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, realtime marketing and our favourite term at Tent Social, social content marketing.

    The Silver Bullet for Social Media Measurement

    social media silver bullet resized 600

    I have been doing a lot of work lately with clients on social media analytics and using several different tools to do so.  Thus, I thought it would be worth passing on some of my latest thoughts as it relates to leveraging different social media analytics platforms and actually making them useful for your business.

    Why Social Media Command Centers Need to Be Less Like GI JOE

    social media command center resized 600

    Over the past couple of years, as large international entreprises have begun to realize the importance of social media strategy and marketing, there has been a new phenomenon that has sprouted up called a 'Social Media Command Center'.  These are generally great initiatives that can help hurdle organizations forward in the social media space.  That being said...

    Timing Mix: Social Media Strategy Blueprint (Step 9)

    Social Media Strategy

    One of the final steps in defining your social media strategy is to establish a schedule and frequency for posting.  I call this the 'Timing Mix', which is a direct continuation from a previous step, the 'Media Mix'.  Depending on the resources of your team, the frequency of posts should vary significantly. My best advice for you is to be conservative in how much you will post and then work up from there.  That being said, consistency is very important on social media so make sure you never go more than a few days without posting something.  

    How to Pack a Punch with Pinterest as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

    Pinterest Strategy

    As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 begins, we are rounding a corner with the strategic use of social media to actually accomplish marketing and business objectives.  Businesses are getting better at using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN in a strategic manner, but there is still much to learn, experiment with and optimize.  This is amplified as new platforms continue to launch, including the wildy popular Pinterest.  

    Platform Mix: Social Media Strategy Blueprint (Step 8)

    Social Media Strategy Blueprint

    From a content point of view, we've covered what content will be used (Step 6), how it will be created, curated or commented on (Step 7) and now need to define 'where' it will be used.  Most people take this step as Step 1 of creating a social media plan.  Ever heard anyone say, "Let's get a Facebook page!", without ever considering what the implications are for the business, what type of content will be featured and why it will actually be useful? 

    The 3 C's of Content: Social Media Blueprint (Step 7)

    Social Media Strategy

    After determining what categories of content you will create (Step 6: Content Mix), you need to define the nature of this content and in which media it will be used. I call this step, the 'media mix.'   To begin, it is helpful to think of your content in terms of the 3 (or 6) C's. They are:

    Content Mix: Social Media Strategy Blueprint (Step 6)

    Social Media Strategy Step 6

    While Steps 1 to 5 of the Social Media Strategy Blueprint laid down the foundation, Steps 6-10 take us deep into actual content and platform planning for a robust social media strategy.  For those that have been following along since Step 1, this is where we will finally dive into the real guts of social media content planning. 

    Chart Your Course: Social Media Strategy Blueprint (Step 5)

    Social Media Strategy Blueprint

    Step 5 is the final foundational step of creating a social media strategy and brings us to defining your marketing objective.  In other words, what do you need to accomplish with your audience (or what 'course' do you need to take), in order for your business to reach its primary objective (The Destination from Step 1)?  Following the completion of Steps 1-5, you will be in a solid position to move forward with a social content strategy that will truly make an impact for your business versus one that is not inherently tied to business objectives and marketing strategy. 

    In almost all cases, the primary objective of a business is to grow in some manner.  Depending on the maturity and category in which the business exists, there are a few different ways in which growth can occur.  Simplistically, we are going to break down growth into 3 sources from a marketing point of view* (in the absence of a price increase).   Defining this source of growth is crucial to enabling efficient and effective growth.  In this step, I’m going to reveal to you what those 3 sources of growth might be and then it is your job to prioritize one or two of them.  They are:

    1. Make the pie bigger
    2. Steal some pie
    3. Spend more $$ on pie and pie related treats

    So, you may be saying - “Pie? What are you talking about”? Allow me to elaborate. If you sell runnning shoes, there are 3 ways for you to grow your revenue from selling running shoes.

    They are:

    The Landscape: Social Media Blueprint (Step 4)

    Social Media Strategy Blueprint Step 4

    Now that we have an understanding of what we want to accomplish (Step 1),  who we are talking to (Step 2) and what makes us unique (Step3), we need to take a survey of the environment in which we exist.  A lot can be learned from simply reviewing the activity (or lack therof) of the competition.  By understanding the activities that are already occurring online, in relation to your business and industry, you can effectively leverage ideas that are already working and/or identify gaps in activation that you can take advantage of. 

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