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    How to Create Great Social Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Great Social Content

    Content marketing has become all the rage in the past few years with a brands now racing to bombard their audiences with an increasing amount of content.  As the idea of valuable content and social media converge, it has brought forward a new term, 'social content.'  This term is one that Tent Social has been built around and what we strive to create on a daily basis with our clients. Social content is content that is not one-sided, like traditional advertising of the old days, rather it is content that has a conversation componenet to it, can be discussed and shared.  

    Know your Role on Social Media... or Shut Your Mouth About ROI.

    Social Media ROI - The Rock

    The term 'social media ROI' has a never-ending debate associated with it, but one of the issues with this debate is that the context in which it is often discussed doesn't really make any sense. 

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