TentSocial is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media and the creation of compelling content that drives leads and sales. Our home base is in Vancouver & Toronto, Canada, but we work with clients from around the globe. Thanks to virtual collaboration software, our office is located... anywhere you need us! 


Get People, Brands and Causes closer together, across the globe, every day.


Get People to better connect with colleagues, clients, friends and family (around the globe) through a workspace design that empathizes with the fact that family doesn’t end at 9am and business doesn’t end at 5pm.


Get Brands and organizations to a new height of connection with customers, driving continuous new business, long term loyalty and shining referrals.


Get people closer to local Causes that are visible in the places they live, work and play. We are dedicated to helping not-for- profit organizations better connect with their communities, using social media.


TentSocial is made up of a passionate team of professionals, including a specialized network of content creators that stretch around the globe. Plus, our friendly Doberman, Indy.

Jeff Berezny - Social Content Strategist


Social Content Strategist

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Courtney Shirley - Social Content Designer


Social Content Designer

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Shelagh Hartford - Social Content Manager


Social Content Manager

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Social Content Creation


Expert Social Content Creators

Indy - The Social Doberman




Founder, Marketer, Adventurer

I am passionate about brand story telling and the results that can be unleashed when an outstanding strategy is paired with compelling creative. My background is in Brand Management, working with CPG mega-powers including Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline. Throughout this time, I focused on pushing brands forward within the digital space, including leading the strategic development of ground breaking ‘quit smoking’ social media community Nicorette – Smober Up, winner of the James E. Burke Global Award for best social media campaign.

Through these experiences, I learned that the current client/agency ecosystem is not always properly equipped to accelerate brands in the social media space. The combination of behemoth clients paired with behemoth agencies makes it near impossible to deliver against the rate of change required to effectively leverage social media.

Thus, the birth of TentSocial, a non-traditional marketing agency that rejects the traditional agency structure and embraces providing genuine value for money – instead of just time. We accomplish this by doing the vast majority of work online with a virtual team that stretches around the globe. We use the best online collaboration tools available to ensure objectives are being met, while we’re also being most efficient with everyone’s very precious time.This ultimately allows us to spend more time driving your business… and less time driving in traffic.At the end of the day- I love what I do. I love it even more if I can achieve results and help you love what YOU do.